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April 23, 2021
Spell For Love

Spell For Love

Spell For Love ,: if you want him or her to be yours For lifetime ? then you are on a right place. This spell for love can help you to be to get your love. i Am specialist Of Spell For love. I can show You Real magic in front of your eyes So what are you waiting For consult me right away and ask for spell for love

Things to keep in mind while doing spell for love:

1.The subconscious thinks in symbols (pictures, scents, feelings)
2. You can harness the power of a prayer, mantra, or symbol that has been associated with love by others (Such as the alchemical symbol for Venus or a mantra to the goddess of love Laxmi)
3. There is only one mind. Your mind is the only mind that needs to be changed to produce the result you want. Like Gandhi said, “change the world by changing yourself.”

Its all in your mind! lol Since there is only one mind. You can tap into the power of symbols, deities, affirmations, prayers, scents, and mantras that have been charged over hundreds sometimes thousands of years with the belief and faith of others to empower your love spell.

You can make a talisman to carry with you, you can engrave symbols into your candle, or you can do both. “How to make and use talismans” by Isreal Regardie is a great book by one of my favorite authors that you can read for free on making talismans. CLICK HERE and go to the very bottom of the page and you will find several symbols you can print out and incorporate in your own love spells. I have found that it is best to print a symbol out and then color it in yourself, because the process of either writing something out if it is a prayer or coloring it in if it is a picture will impress that symbol on the subconscious mind much stronger.

In the next article I plan to explore the New Orleans practice of making Gris-Gris bags (pronounced gree gree) and the science of how this works.


Can a love spells work over night or in hours?

It definitely can happen, but it is certainly not a “reasonable expectation.” I have found that it depends on a variety of factors many of which are in your control. Realistically, if you have a very stubborn case it can take several months or even longer to get things completely together. Also, if you are looking to hire someone to help you spiritually and they tell you “immediate results” or “results in hours” this is a big red flag!

What ways can you recommend to help one raise their energy so the love spell will work quicker?

Daily meditation, reading positive books, doing yoga, doing affirmations, sea salt baths. And trying not to think to much about the problem but more focused on what you want to manifest (the solution). Sometimes, it is very hard to be positive when you are going through a major love challenge about the situation specifically. It is best to just not think to much about the person at all, when it comes to mind imagine that you are giving it to the higher power and know that the higher power is now empowering your love spell to manifest the perfect results in your situations. I recommend that you work more on being positive in general. Be very conscious of the type of thoughts and feelings you are entertaining and keep putting you attention back on the positive.

Should I do more then one love spells?

Yes. I have found the first love spell you do is like planting a seed. Every additional love spell you do will only help to fertilize that seed and make things go quicker.

When you are fist starting out with love magic you do not have the same power as someone. That has been doing it for years. It is just like one does not become an expert pianist overnight. To fill this gap, you just focus more.

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